8 secret weight-loss solutions

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8. Mustard

Secret strength Spoon 20g into any meal and, a couple of hours later, your fat burning will have increased by up to 20%. "The metabolism-boosting effects are thanks to chemical ‘isothiocyanates' found in mustard, which dilate blood vessels and increase levels of the fat-burning hormone ephedrine," explains Jeya Henry, professor of human nutrition at Oxford Brookes University.
Use it Upgrade your regular bacon sandwich to a class-A fat burner with a thin spread of mustard or mix a dollop or two into your shepherd's pie before you pile on the mash.

9. Vinegar

Secret strength "Vinegar helps control the rise in blood glucose and insulin levels after a meal, by slowing the rate at which your stomach empties," says Costain. A study at Lund University in Sweden, in which subjects were given diluted vinegar at breakfast, found the sour stuff curbed their cravings and reduced their glucose and insulin levels by 25%.
Use it Stir a couple of tablespoons of red wine vinegar into a beef stew to tenderise the meat or pour some balsamic into a pan of rice to make it less sticky when you serve.

10. Pineapple

Secret strength This tropical fat-fighter is a source of the enzyme bromelain, which breaks down protein and raises the body's metabolic rate.
Use it Turn a chicken-mayo sandwich into a fatbuster by adding pineapple slices and jalapeño peppers. Men who ate jalapeños, in trials at Laval University in Canada, burned 1,000 more calories a day than men who didn't.

11. Black pepper

Secret strength As well as relieving heartburn symptoms and indigestion, pepper grinds away fats, according to research published in the journal Nutrition Today. Piperine, the active chemical, puts your nervous system on high alert which boosts the body's metabolic process, resulting in more calories being roasted.
Use it Spice up a chocolate brownie mixture with a couple of grinds of peppercorns.

12. Tomatoes

Secret strength "Tomatoes contain vitamin C and citrimalicoxalic acids which aid your metabolic process," says Cook. They also help the kidneys filter out large quantities of fatty deposits.
Use it Tackle the fat in dishes such as lamb curry by popping in a few chopped tomatoes.

13. Cayenne pepper

Secret strength Sprinkling this firecracker will defuse your appetite and heat up your metabolism by 20%, according to a study at Oxford Brookes University.
Use it Put a little fire in your belly by using it to season gut-troublers like cheese pie, sticky chicken wings or creamy potato gratin.

14. Lemon zest

Secret strength The pectin found in lemon peel is a great source of fibre that helps weight loss by turning into a sticky gel when you digest it, preventing your stomach from absorbing sugar too quickly. The Journal of the American College of Nutrition reports that it can also eliminate the urge to snack for up to four hours.
Use it Grate the zest and mix it into the marinade for your ribs along with oil, thyme and mustard or use it to ease December's indulgence by including it in the mixture for your mince pies or Christmas pudding.

15. Celery

Secret strength These low-calorie wonder-sticks are high in fibre, preventing the urge to eat between meals. They also contain calcium, which helps to bind waste fats and purge them from your body.
Use it Braise a handful of sticks in a quality cider such as Aspall to offset the calories in a roast chicken. Alternatively, eat them raw with a side dish of tomatoes, Tabasco and vodka.

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8 secret weight-loss solutions

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This article was published on 2010/12/29