List Marketing - Build a Relationship With Your List by Sharing Secret Tips Or Insider Information

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There are many ways to connect with the people on your list. These are people who have come to you to learn what you are teaching online. You can share secret or other insider information with your list, and this will make them see you in an entirely new light.

We all love a secret, so when someone we only have a small connection with offers to divulge secret information or insider tips, we suddenly feel like we are part of the group.

When doing this, make sure the information you are sharing with them is valid and applicable to their specific type of business, give them a reason for needing to know what you are telling them, and give them an opportunity to respond or further communicate with you on the topic.

This is important in order for you to maintain your credibility with your list.

A secret is only valuable if it helps us to achieve our goals. Think about it; we want and need insider tips and other information if we are to achieve what we want in our personal or professional lives.

When I was a classroom teacher, I was often privy to information that helped to decide the best course of action for my career. These secrets helped me to save time and money when I was deciding to return to school for an advanced degree and taking a closer look at changing from one school district to another.

Make sure the insider tips you share are truly ones that will be helpful to your prospects.

Once you have shared the secret or tip, let your list know why it's so important. If we share information that is not meaningful to the person receiving it, it will not have any impact at all.

By giving more details about the significance of what we are telling them, our prospects will see that we care about including them in these types of communication. Finally, give them an opportunity to connect with you to discuss the information further. This is the final part of this strategy that makes it so valuable. Let your list be a part of the conversation.

Ask for their opinions and give everyone a chance to weight in on what is being shared. This will enable you to create a community of people who will come to know, like, and trust you in the future.

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List Marketing - Build a Relationship With Your List by Sharing Secret Tips Or Insider Information

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This article was published on 2010/10/25